• A Life in Words by Helen Chappell
    Bill and Melissa Peak are describing their recent vacation to the South of France. Its beauties, its history and, inevitably, its food. It is impossible to go to France and not have a gastronomic experience. Their description of a lunch at a three-star restaurant is so sensuous that all I can do is poke at my salad and sigh with envy.
    Words are our trade, so their description is almost as good as being there ~ the crusty breads, the sauces, the beautifully prepared gems of food ~ ahhh, yes! Read More...
  • Warm Memories of Christmas Presents Past by Dick Cooper

    Of all the Christmas presents I have received in all my 67 Christmases, flannel pajamas are the most memorable. From teddy-bear designs to paisleys to masculine vertical stripes, flannel pajamas were a constant through my formative years. They were not just any flannel pajamas. They were bespoke PJs, custom-tailored and lovingly hand-sewn by my Gramma deSchipper. Read More...

  • In the (C)Old Days by Gary D. Crawford

    We know that winters used to be colder than they are these days. Jim Dawson, the bookseller-historian of Trappe, did extensive research and wrote a fine article about Maryland weather [“Our Capricious Weather,” June 2008, Tidewater Times]. He noted that during the winter of 1779-80 the ice was so thick that carts and carriages crossed from Annapolis to Poplar Island ~ which tops the old tale about black cats escaping from Poplar by a good bit. Read More...

  • Keeping the Umbrella Open by Bonna L. Nelson

    We have all experienced issues, challenges and changes in life. We are not always happy about the cards that life has dealt us. We don’t always know where to turn for help when we are overwhelmed by life’s trials and tribulations. Fortunately, for those of us who live on the Mid-Shore there is help. FOR ALL SEASONS, INC. Behavioral Health Clinic and Rape Crisis Center has the resources and expertise available for those in need. Read More...

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