• Ghost Walk by Helen Chappell
    Whether you believe in them or not, most people are fascinated by ghosts and the Eastern Shore has ghosts we haven’t even used yet. When you’re in search of a haunting experience, take a ghost walk. One night not too long ago, I found myself joining a ghost walk through Cambridge. Read More...
  • Big City Lights vs. Quiet Country Nights by Dick Cooper

    My hands automatically turned and twisted the silk tie into a full-Windsor knot all by themselves. No brain cells were used or lost in the transaction. As I slipped on my sports coat and made a last-second check in the bathroom mirror, adjusting the knot just a little to make sure it was centered, I realized I had not been in full battledress for almost a decade. Time is a quicksilver substance that comes and goes at odd paces. Read More...

  • Capt. John B. by Gary D. Crawford

    To a newcomer, the interconnections between local families can be quite bewildering. Locals seem reluctant to adopt the sensible practice of wearing name tags, despite my earnest entreaties. In small communities, people eventually become related in some way to virtually everyone else. We who come into such communities from outside, who don’t know these linkages, are forever surprised and muddled. Read More...

  • The Robert Morris Inn by Pamela Meredith-Doyle

    Once the home of Robert Morris, and frequent rest stop for visiting President George Washington, the Robert Morris Inn is the Eastern Shore’s most unique historic restaurant and inn. After 17 years as the executive chef at The Inn at Perry Cabin, celebrity Chef Mark Salter has partnered with Ian Fleming, also an alum of Perry Cabin, to run the Robert Morris Inn in Oxford. Chef Salter has an impressive resumé.

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