• Progging by Helen Chappell
    As a kid, I used to spend a fair amount of time progging. We were too far away from civilization for me to have friends without having to arrange play dates, so I was on my own a good bit. Progging, in my opinion, is a solitary occupation because it requires a certain amount of concentration. Progging is an ancient name for an ancient occupation. It’s walking the shoreline, mostly, sometimes crossing the fields or going into the woods, looking to see what you can find.
  • Classic Motor Museum Planned for St. Michaels by Dick Cooper

    On a sunny but cold afternoon in mid-February, a big red barn begins moving across the frozen ground along East Marengo Street. On hydraulic dollies, the barn is heading for its new home at the back of an expansive vacant lot. The move marks the Classic Motor Museum of St. Michaels’ transition from concept to reality.
    The relocation of the barn that once served as a storage building for the old St. Michaels Mill is part of Phase One of the museum construction.

  • Oxford Day - Twenty Years and Counting by Kathi Ferguson

    There is no shortage of small-town charm here on the Eastern Shore, and nothing defines that charm quite like the water-bound village of historic Oxford. On most days, the tree-lined streets dotted with picturesque homes are quiet but for some cyclists, families enjoying Town Park, or a few cars with familiar license plates passing through. On one particular day in April however, this little village packs a punch! That day is Oxford Day, and 2014 marks its 20th successful year.

  • An Easter Celebration by Pamela Meredith-Doyle

    The daffodils are up! As warm spring days emerge after this cold winter, the Eastern Shore comes to life with an array of enchanting flowers. For an early spring Easter celebration, fill your table with brightly colored daffodils or lilies in clay pots. If you have some small porcelain bunnies, squirrels or birds, you can make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. This Easter brunch menu could also work for a christening, or even a baby shower.

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