• Keeper of the Flame by Helen Chappell
    Those of us who knew Gilbert Byron grow fewer every year. There was a time when the novelist and poet called “The Thoreau of the Chesapeake” was nationally, even internationally, known for his novel, The Lord’s Oysters, a lightly fictionalized account of his childhood in early twentieth century Chestertown. He was the son and grandson of watermen; his mother, several years older than his father, was a widow with grown children when they married. Gilbert was her baby, and she spoiled him relentlessly.
  • A Family Hawaiian Wedding by Dick Cooper

    This is not an easy father’s confession: My only son Jason and I have not been close for years. We have been separated by a continent and an ocean since he moved to Hawaii when he was 25. We have always loved each other, but I don’t think we have been in the same room for more than 15 days in the last two decades. We have lived our adult lives in different worlds. I spent much of mine trying to climb the ladder of ambition, and he spent much of his looking for great waves and beautiful beaches.

  • The Baby and the Bugeye by Gary D. Crawford

    In the fall of 1888, Daniel Haddaway decided he needed a new dredge-boat. He asked a fellow Tilghman Islander, John B. Harrison, to build him a 53’ bugeye. Although only 23 years old, Harrison, known as “John B,” had already built five of these big, tough two-masted oyster-dredgers and was quickly earning a reputation for fine boatbuilding.
    By January, nine great logs lay on the shore of Tilghman’s Island, and John B set to work shaping the hull. To be ready in time for the coming oyster season.

  • Above the Bay and Into the Blue Beyond by Cliff Rhys James

    One day soon, for good reason, far out at sea, it matters not the season, an intrepid U.S. Navy Nuclear Aircraft Carrier ~ all 100,000 tons of her will turn into the wind, open the throttle on 280,000 horsepower and contest the waves at 35 MPH. It will be a classic case of American military might guarding the global commons. Poised aboard the crowded four-acre flight deck, a young naval aviator will taxi an F/A-18 Super Hornet toward the catapult where the “hook up man” will attach his aircraft’s nose gear to the shuttle. Then, as a Jet Blast Deflector rises out of the flight deck behind the aircraft to absorb its afterburning fury, the pilot will dial up 44,000 pounds of thrust from both jet engines.

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